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About Us

Forget those boring stuffed animals and squeaky toys, our interactive dog toys are exactly what your dog's been dreaming about! These dog toys are so cool that we bet you'll love playing with them too! Yep, our dog toys are so fun that even dog owners are entertained. Who wouldn't love flinging tennis balls 300 feet in the distance or shooting thousands of bacon bubbles into the air for dogs to pop or throwing a glow-in-the-dark ball for a dog to fetch? It's easy to bond and have fun with your dog when you're both enjoying playing with interactive dog toys! is already well known by dog trainers as the best place to go for cool and interactive dog toys - you know, those unique and interesting dog toys that keep dogs entertained for longer periods of time. Some dispense dog treats or kibble, others talk or blink lights or even throw balls or blow bubbles. Basically, these interactive dog toys are designed to entertain your dog to keep him / her engaged and boredom far, far away.

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